Change: It Is Your Choice

It is amazing to me, how well you are able to verbalize your feelings, in such an organized fashion. I still feel like all words coming out of my mouth are, blah, blah, blah. I want to write so badly, I know it would be good therapy. Again, I applaud you for your bravery, strength, and gift of the written word.

BTW: I think you found what you COULD do VERY WELL when you grow up. You are already doing it.

Thank you for inspiring me daily!

Missives by Michelle

My Step-Mother (DJ) and I are walking a parallel path in very different circumstances. We are both grieving a death of a loved one. She grieves the death of my Dad, her soul mate, and I am grieving both the death of my Dad and my marriage. The difference is that my Dad is gone forever and my ex-husband is alive and with another woman. DJ lives in an empty house full of memories mourning their daily life. I am reminded daily of my loss as I am a single parent to our children and watch my ex living his life with someone else.

When DJ and I call to check in on one another we constantly find ourselves saying “I don’t know”. Today as we were talking she said, “Are things ever going to be okay for us. I guess they have to be.” I replied, “Everything will be…

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