My Kind of Soulmate

Hard to believe these people exist. I though I had found mine, but it was all narcissistic deceit for 21 years. Sad, 5 kids. We are survivors though. I don’t need a man to take care of me. I have taken care of everything, so he could “do his thing”. SOMEDAY maybe I will trust again, ½ my life spent with this man. Lots of work to do. Thank you to all that write such great blogs. I truly appreciate it.

The Fickle Heartbeat

A wonderful feature post by Single Strides. Please enjoy!

Everyone wants to believe in their one true love. They want to believe in love’s true kiss, the chill-you-to-your-bones first look when you fall in love, and the earth-shattering moment you’ve found the person you can’t live without. You want to imagine the day when nothing else matters but the hand you’re holding, the eyes that watch you fall asleep and the smile that wakes you in the morning.

Everyone wants to believe in finding their soulmate. The person that fits you so completely, you’re not sure how you survived so long without them. The person that finishes your thought even before you have, and pushes you to reach even higher than your dreams. Everyone wants to wait for the person that fills you with so much joy that you forget what sorrow is. The person that you always…

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