There Will Always Be Days – – –


Yes, there will always be those days that you experience “the lows”.  It’s a constant struggle to maintain “the highs” – and that’s not just a symptom of divorce.  That’s true for all people.
From the outside looking in, my friends and family would say I have a pretty outstanding “easy” life.  I have a lovely home, a paid for car, two adult sons who are successful and have loving relationships, freedom to live life on my own terms, etc.  But does that mean I don’t have times that I sink into the doldrums and wonder when (if) my heart will soar again?
I have those times, and I bet you do too.  Sometimes I can see them coming, sometimes not.   Sometimes they’re petty – I admit it, sometimes they’re justified.  They still happen.  I thought I had reached a time in my life where my “friend set” WAS…

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