Paint Me Your Affections

This would work for me! Someday, love it. Thank you

The Fickle Heartbeat

Paint me your affections.

Shared by veronicalangley

Cara fluttered her eyes open and was blinded by sunlight. Not wanting to acknowledge the morning, she quickly buried her face in John’s shoulder. John yawned himself awake and turned toward her, pulling her body into his with affection.

She wrapped one arm around his torso and the other she curled across the back of his shoulder lacing her fingers into his tussled brown hair. Her hand pressing into the strength of his back, she pulled herself into him, absorbing his warmth and comfort.

John pressed his nose into her hair and inhaled her scent then kissed her crown repeatedly. Their torso’s pressed against each other and their legs entangled, John pulled the back of Cara’s shirt up and drew soft circles across her shoulder blades.

He made her so nervous, her stomach would light up with electric buzz and her finger tips tingle ever place…

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