Like a Chameleon

That is where I am. Where you were. It’s paralyzing and I hate the CONTROL FACTOR. Why have I given permission to bow down to Anxiety? I didn’t used to be this way. I am lost, if you should find me let me know.

Sophie Brexx


One of the biggest things I regret from my battle with anxiety is that I would hide from others. I remember having moments where I just didn’t want anyone to find me. I wanted to fit seamlessly into the background, like a chameleon who blends in with its surroundings to hide from its prey. That is what I felt like, prey. I could feel the eyes of others beaming down on me waiting for me to become exposed so that they could pounce. I feared being found out. Would they notice that I was hiding this burden I call anxiety?

I didn’t want to go out in fear that I would have a panic attack. I didn’t want to explain to others what was wrong if something happened. I didn’t want to embarrass myself and have others wonder why I was acting weird. So what did I do? I started going out for shorter…

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