Still Stuck with Doubts

Couldn’t have written this better myself. We are all on the same journey. I seems as though, society has made it ok to throw away a marriage. It forgets, however, feelings cannot be thrown away.

Happily Ever After OR The Search For

Still stuck with Doubts

Is it possible that I am making way more out of all of this than need be?
Am I really just an undesirable person who’s husband stepped out.
Is he really a sociopath? Extreme Narcissist?
Or is he really trying to turn his wandering ways into something good?
Maybe he is.
Does that mean I should wish him well and even maybe have a bit of respect for him?
Compassion and understanding…….

No! Hell NO! Stop making excuses for that bastard.

Why do I always want to expect the best from him when he has proven over and over that anything he does to hurt or betray me is just plain evil and wrong.

Some would argue that what he has done is noble and many worse things could have happened,
He never beat you, he provided you with a home and food and a car.

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