When Life Turns out Differently than You Planned

Seems so simple, yet it truly is a complicated process, emotionally. Thank you for writing this. It is nice to know there is hope after 21 years and 5 kids. 2 of whom have Aspergers.

Monaresa smiles

When I was a little girl, I had a plan. After I graduated from high school, I would go to college and get a degree. Then I would travel the world for 3 years, after which point I would get married and have 4 children. Three boys, and a little girl who would be protected by her three older brothers.

Of course as I quickly learned, life doesn’t always turn out as we’ve  planned. For one thing, I dropped out of college after two years. Then I got married at 21 and had my first child at 22.  I hadn’t traveled the world. I did have four kids but they were out of order-my daughter came 3rd in line, not 4th.  I did not expect to have three children who were on the autism spectrum.

I doubt if anyone ever puts divorce in their life plans. I know I certainly…

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